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Previewing the Akashic Records

23 Feb

A brief taster of the musical delights in store during my talk at The Wire‘s Off The Page Festival in Whitstable tomorrow evening – dig the music kids!

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I’ll send a small pressie (UK only I’m afraid) to the first person to identify all eight tracks…

Iain Sinclair: Stone Tape Shuffle

22 Feb

The new spoken word vinyl label, Test Centre, has released Stone Tape Shuffle, a 12” LP by Iain Sinclair, in an edition of 400 copies, handsomely packaged with photographs and a new text by the author.

Test Centre is an admirable new venture and this first release sets the bar high, a layered, dense, mediumistic transmission which, as the title suggests – referencing Nigel Kneale’s 1972 teleplay – sounds as if it has tapped the bedrock of the city to capture the flow, hiss and rumble at its heart. Sinclair distills his texts to their essence, and is presented here at his most vital, travelling in time as well as space, aided by sound artist Dan Scott’s active mix of archival and field recordings. [...]

AOS at The Hidden Noise

21 Feb

Four snapshot views of the excellent Objections to an Empty Mind exhibition of works by Austin Osman Spare and Richard Brown at The Hidden Noise gallery, 1st Floor, 24 Hayburn Crescent, Glasgow G11 5AY.


Magick Concrète: Glasgow

13 Feb

Wednesday 15 February 2012 sees the first live performance of Magick Concrète, at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow.

Here’s a taste of what you may or may not expect, an as-live recording made over the weekend, slightly trimmed, but otherwise unaltered. In Glasgow I’ll be joined by Drew Mulholland, of Mount Vernon Arts Lab, on guitar and FX, but it’s just me here:

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Teenage Hallucination

13 Feb

A selection of radionic pal Ossian Brown’s Haunted Air photographs are to be exhibited at  the Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou  75004 Paris, France from the 22nd February to the 12th of March, 2012.

[If you haven't already got a copy of the eerie and beautiful Haunted Airthen please do so at your nearest convenience - you and your ghosts deserve it!  You can get a taste of what's in store over at Boing Boing.]

Curated by Dennis Cooper and Gisele Vienne, the Teenage Hallucination festival is part of the Pompidou’s annual winter event, Le Nouveau Festival.

Ossian’s Haunted Air can be seen alongside a number of other artists’ work in an exhibition titled Read Into my Black Holes.

Artists taking part in the exhibition are: Morton Bartlett, Ossian Brown, Florian Ayala-Fauna, Luc Tuymans, Bruno Pelassy, Felicien Rops, Eugène Gabritschevsky, Marcel Roux, Rodolphe Bresdin, Benjamin Fondane, Dorli Vienne Pollak.

More info, en francais, ici.


Psych psychiatry at the Wellcome

9 Feb

News just in via Radionic pal and Wellcome Research Officer Ross Macfarlane… a very interesting archive has recently appeared at the Wellcome Library:

In 1952 psychiatrist Ronald Sandison, based at Powick Hospital in Worcestershire, embarked on a study tour of Swiss psychiatric hospitals. It was during this visit that he met Albert Hofmann and became aware of the therapeutic potential of LSD.

Returning to England with a supply of the drug, Sandison developed what he referred to as “psycholytic therapy”, using small amounts of LSD to assist patients in exploring their subconscious. By 1958, Powick Hospital had a dedicated LSD treatment unit, where Sandison worked until he left the hospital in 1964. LSD therapy continued at Powick for a further two years after Sandison’s departure. The increasing publicity around recreational use of LSD by figures such as Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley, along with tighter regulation of its use, led to Sandoz withdrawing the drug from the market.  After leaving Powick Hospital, Sandison never again used LSD therapy. However, he continued to believe in its value as a treatment when used in a clinical setting.

Full story at the Wellcome Library blog

As a bonus, here’s an in-depth interview with Sandison about his LSD research, conducted by Dominic Streatfeild for his excellent book Brainwash.

Phil Hine on The Lamp of Thoth

8 Feb

Phil Hine remembers the occult ‘zine (only 93p!) that set the scene for the modern magician in the ’70s and ’80s, and also heralded a new era of persecution – this time trial by media – for British witches.

From the first issue of the LOT, there was a regular contributor writing about various aspects of Witchcraft under the pen name of “Galadriel”. Galadriel’s first article basically pointed out that for the most part, “modern wicthcraft” was mostly made up – but that there was a hereditary tradition of which Galadrial was an iniitate. This article drew counter-responses from both Raymond Buckland and Alex Sanders. Undeterred, Galadriel followed through with an article in issue 3 of LOT claiming that those of the “hereditary clans” do advocate cursing enemies, and even more controversially in issue 4, with the claim that Galadriel’s clan practice both animal sacrifice (at feast times) and human sacrifice (actually a ritual form of voluntary suicide). This was strong stuff, particularly when you consider that this was 1981.

Read more over at Phil’s excellent Enfolding blog.

There are also PDF archives of Lamp of Thoth – ‘the only occult magazine that tells it like it really is’ – available to buy here.

Belbury Poly’s electronic egg race

8 Feb

Radionic pal Jim Jupp, aka Belbury Poly, has a new album, The Belbury Tales, out later this month on his wonderful Ghost Box label, featuring characteristically striking cover art by Julian House and an accompanying short story by Electric Eden author Rob Young.
I haven’t heard the album yet, but in the meantime here’s a mix Jim has put together for FACT magazine that hints at the electro-progged pleasures to come.

The Glasgow Working 15.02.12

4 Feb

Strange Attractor presents The Glasgow Working
15 February 2012,
at The Old Hairdressers,  27 Renfield Lane, Glasgow.
Doors: 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Price: £5.00

To celebrate the opening of Objections to an Empty Mind at The Hidden Noise gallery [see below], Strange Attractor presents a night of talk, music and film. [...]

London’s Lost Rivers at Maggs Bros

2 Feb

The fantastic and learned folks at Maggs Bros (counterculture division) are hosting an exhibition of unusual London photographs by SF Said – who took the amazing Polaroids for London’s Lost Rivers: A Walkers Guide – and Jon Savage, author of England’s Dreaming, the essential critical history of punk in 1970s England.