After Life, After Death, After All

20 May



After Life, After Death, After All

With Sally Golding, Edward Colless, Mark Pilkington

Part of the Australia and NZ Festival of Literature and The Arts.
Australian visual artist Sally Golding and Australian writer Edward Colless stage a collaborative exploration of the culture of the ‘afterlife’ in some of its manifestations: as ghosting, as the undead, as doppelgänger and as spectral horror. Golding presents live mixes of cinema combined with live performance in a twenty-minute work involving audience interaction and two-way mirrors. Colless presents a theoretical fiction as a dramatic monologue, as if delivered from the afterlife. The two works will be followed by a dialogue about the collaboration.

Saturday 31 May, 4-5pm
Kings College , Strand Campus
London,  WC2R 2LS

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