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After Life, After Death, After All

20 May



After Life, After Death, After All

With Sally Golding, Edward Colless, Mark Pilkington

Part of the Australia and NZ Festival of Literature and The Arts.
Australian visual artist Sally Golding and Australian writer Edward Colless stage a collaborative exploration of the culture of the ‘afterlife’ in some of its manifestations: as ghosting, as the undead, as doppelgänger and as spectral horror. Golding presents live mixes of cinema combined with live performance in a twenty-minute work involving audience interaction and two-way mirrors. Colless presents a theoretical fiction as a dramatic monologue, as if delivered from the afterlife. The two works will be followed by a dialogue about the collaboration.

Saturday 31 May, 4-5pm
Kings College , Strand Campus
London,  WC2R 2LS

More info here

Civil Disturbances (1975)

13 Sep

Scenes from a US Army training manual, 1975, found in an army surplus store, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

And here, thanks to eagle-eyed Boing Boing readers, is the whole thing as a PDF (3.5MB), another version from 1945, and an updated version from 2005 (PDF). Thanks guys!


Into Unknown Fields

17 Aug

I’m about to set off into the American desert southwest, on a tour of Cold War, astronomy, space travel and UFO lore sites with the Architectural Association’s Unknown Fields Division.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting photographs and brief journal entries over at Boing Boing, and also here, so watch this spaaaaaaace!


Genesis (Ron Hayes, 1981)

27 Apr

Deftly riding the membrane between bathos and transcendence, a beautiful video feedback and computer animation film by Ron Hays with an instant classic synth score by Ragnar Grippe.

Ron Hays worked with Nam June Paik’s video Synthesizer and produced some amazing (and often supremely cheesy) music videos and animations in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but sadly died of AIDS in 1991.

Swedish composer Ragnar Grippe’s web site reveals a rich musical career incorporating film scores, choreography and electronic music, as well as this great photo of him at the controls with a monster Moog modular behind him.

Thanks to Rose Kallal for the tipoff.

Teenage Hallucination

13 Feb

A selection of radionic pal Ossian Brown’s Haunted Air photographs are to be exhibited at  the Centre Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou  75004 Paris, France from the 22nd February to the 12th of March, 2012.

[If you haven’t already got a copy of the eerie and beautiful Haunted Airthen please do so at your nearest convenience – you and your ghosts deserve it!  You can get a taste of what’s in store over at Boing Boing.]

Curated by Dennis Cooper and Gisele Vienne, the Teenage Hallucination festival is part of the Pompidou’s annual winter event, Le Nouveau Festival.

Ossian’s Haunted Air can be seen alongside a number of other artists’ work in an exhibition titled Read Into my Black Holes.

Artists taking part in the exhibition are: Morton Bartlett, Ossian Brown, Florian Ayala-Fauna, Luc Tuymans, Bruno Pelassy, Felicien Rops, Eugène Gabritschevsky, Marcel Roux, Rodolphe Bresdin, Benjamin Fondane, Dorli Vienne Pollak.

More info, en francais, ici.


Hierophant by Zali Krishna

18 Jan

Hierophant by iotar
Hierophant, a photo by iotar on Flickr.


The modernist goose is accompanied by this 1999 slice of Krishnasound:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

When you wish on a tattoo…

16 Jan

When this tattooed elbow passed me by in the street last Summer I stopped its owner and asked to take a photograph.

The very friendly man said I was one of very few people who had identified the image as that of the Hieronymous Device, or wishing machine, and told me that he used his own personal wishing machine regularly.

So, what the heck is the Hieronymous Device?