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Implicate Explicate 12″

1 Nov


Implicate Explicate, a synthesiser collaboration with film maker and musician Rose Kallal is now available on 12″ vinyl and download from We Can Elude Control. The EP includes reversionings by Ekoplekz, TVO and Paul Purgas.

Says The Quietus’ Rory Gibb: it’s ‘impressively dense and mind-altering stuff, piling on textural material into a thick harmonic stew that gives the contradictory impression of being simultaneously totally still and in continual inward motion’.

You can buy the 12″ or Mp3s from Boomkat.

Meanwhile, here’s an earlier version of the track with Rose’s visuals.

Raagnagrok: Man Woman Birth Death Infinity

20 Aug



The first Raagnagrok album, Man Woman Birth Death Infinity, is released on Lotushouse Records in early September 2013. Zali Krisha plays electric sitar and guitar, Mark Pilkington plays synthesisers and electronics.

The album features an hour of exotica kosmische, and cover art by Leila Dear.
Several of the tracks are live jams recorded on one afternoon in 2008, others are studio creations pieced together between 201o and 2013. The music was later mastered by Daniel O’Sullivan.

From the press release:

“In July 2005, a small package was delivered to an address in Stamford Hill, London, for the attention of Mr Otto Amon and Mr Solomon Kirchner. The gentlemen who recieved the package have never revealed who sent it to them or what was inside it but a body of urban myth has grown up around the Lapis or Ovoid that was rumoured to have been seen in various locations around London, from Frognal to Fitzrovia.

“We are told that Amon and Kirchner subjected the Lapis to broad and narrow range frequencies in Pythagorean clusters which caused the object to “sing” or “recite”. We are also told that for five or six years, in spite of their efforts, the lustreless surface of the Ovoid could not be broken.

“The object, whatever it was, has never surfaced in the collectors’ market, and its recipients have maintained their silence. Whether their newly released recorded collaboration, Man Woman Birth Death Infinity, affords any clues, we cannot honestly say.”

Man Woman Birth Death Infinity is available early September from Lotushouse Records or here:

Postal Region

More at Raagnagrok

Asterism Live 12 May 2013

8 Aug

The Asterism’s first live show –  at London’s happening Cafe OTO.

The event was Sunk Season II with Tidal, Modulator ESP and Inner City.
Thanks to Jimmy Billingham for putting me on, and to  Jez Creek for the video.

Raagnagrok in Brighton 04/06/13

29 Apr


Tidal, Innercity & The Asterism at Cafe OTO 12.05.13

9 Apr

Sunk Season

My first solo gig as The Asterism…!

More info and tickets available via Cafe OTO

Dragons of Eden: 24/04/13

29 Mar


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Circuit Blasting in Northampton

6 Feb


Tuesday 5 March
Strange Atttractor & Disinformation discharge 30,000 volts into anything (and anyone) within reach for a live demonstration of ‘Circuit Blasting’ at the Legendary Labour Club in Northampton. Expect a shocking display of sonic mayhem…

Also that evening, Joe Banks discusses Electronic Voice Phenomena and other audio hallucinations in a presentation based on his book Rorschach Audio

Tuesday 5 March, from 7pm
Legendary Labour Club [map]
95 Charles Street
Northampton NN1 3BG
Entry £2

Raagnagrok 12/12

19 Dec

Raagnagrok ended the year with a gig at Power Lunches in Dalsonia, a new set to say farewell to twin avatars Patrick Moore and Ravi Shankar.

Thanks to Andy Sharp of English Heretic for these great tangerine dreamscape photos from the night.
224856_141079266043006_1427150962_n 45154_141079286043004_158703188_n

Crystal Voyagers

27 Nov


The Wire Salon, presented by Mark Pilkington
Crystal Voyagers – A Journey Through The New Age

London Cafe Oto, 6 December 2012, 8pm, £4 on the door only.

Enjoy our New Age video playlist

Off an overgrown path towards the back of a Hampstead churchyard lies a stone slab decorated with a large nine-fold geometric symbol, the enneagram, and a statement that ends:

“…we ever cease to be hereafter
The unreal has no being
The real never ceases to be”

The grave belongs to AR Orage, a pioneering populariser of the early 20th century mystics George Guirdjieff and Peter Ouspensky, and editor from 1907 to 1924 of the weekly progressive journal, The New Age.

At the dawn of the modernist era, Orage’s journal both defined and named a burgeoning global movement that, over the next century, sought to expand minds and change the world via a potent combination of mysticism, self-discovery, humanitarian politics, environmental concerns, and the embrace of technology.


3.10.12 Circuit Blasting at Jiggling Atoms

26 Sep


3 October, 8-8.30pm – FREE!

The Rag Factory, 16 – 18 Heneage St, London, E1 5LJ