Dead When I Got Here

28 May

Director/Producer Mark Aitken has started a Kickstarter campaign to help him edit and finish his amazing film Dead When I got Here:

In 2011 I visited the Vision & Action mental asylum in Mexico run by its own patients. I’d been told that filming anywhere along the US/Mexican border was dangerous – especially in Juárez, murder capital of the world. The asylum is out in the desert, on the curdled fringe of that city and I figured it would be safer to film there than on the streets.

The asylum was founded 18 years ago by Pastor Galvan and he gave me his trust and complete access to the place. The people I met and filmed are all recovering from the trauma of living in Juárez where 8 people are murdered each day with impunity. These people manage the asylum with empathy and very little else. Not to be pitied – they set an example we can only hope to understand and emulate. We are to be humbled by their determination to survive.

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